Softol Solutions



Softol Solution is a software company providing an eGovernment web portal to enable easier access to government services and information. In order to provide government information and services to their citizens in a simple and effective manner, our team has the expertise. We allow citizens to communicate with government officials, participate in government policy-making, and communicate with one another.



Our Solutions for e-Governance

The best services

Government and Business

We collaborate with the government in delivering services to citizens under its schemes and programs.

Ready-made Services

Our expertise and workforce are provided to the government by us.

ITES Services(IT Infrastructure)

By partnering with the government, we are able to provide ITES services at a cost-effective model.

Providing Onsite Support Services

Our company provides competent human resource support and the right solutions.

Consulting Services

Government can always count on us to deliver an end-to-end solution.